Jessica Simpson thin Instagram photos Merry Christmas

Moving in the exact opposite direction for holiday cheer as fellow celebrity Lucy Hale did this morningJessica Simpson posted a series of Instagram photos that celebrate Christmas by celebrating Jessica sexily posing in a little black dress by her tree. To be fair, this comes from a woman whose husband, Eric Johnson, wore lace panties on his head in order to attend a “Christmas in California”-themed party for Ashlee Simpson, but sure, Jessica, we’ll play ball here. It’s fun! It’s holiday-ish. The only problem with this is how so many of her followers are now commenting on her weight instead of the actual photos’ themes or outfits.

The first photo, shown above, is captioned “FRINGE #happyholidays @kristingram – photo cred,” indicating that Kristin Burns took the photos. The following photo is captioned “Mirrors and Fringe @kristingram #happyholidays,” which seems odd considering I typically do not associate sexy photos with #HappyHolidays:

Jessica Simpson merry christmas thin photos

Still, they are her photos and she should post whatever she wants to on her account! Unfortunately, her followers do not feel the same, with jabs like these littering the comment sections of the pictures:

“Everyone is quick to defend her but they dont see how scary skinny shes getting to appease society. I liked her better when she was wearing mom jeans and had some meat on her bones.”

(Ugh, you guys know how I feel about the whole “meat on her bones” thing by now, right? If not, here’s my little rant.) Moving on to more lovely (i.e. needlessly cruel) comments:

“Way to [sic] thin.” need to eat and eat healthy that type of skinny is of a person who doesn’t eat right and or throws up an eating disorder… You have kids think of them and don’t be thinking of what the media says of luck Ms. Jessica and God Bless…”

“She looks terrible ! Unhealthy and acting very strange”

“She looks awful .. Like a old washed up body builder with those man legs”

Naturally, the media isn’t helping all that much with headlines like “Jessica Simpson Shows Off Hot Legs, Tiny Waist in Sexy Christmas Pics!” even though she’s really just wearing a dress and snapping photos. Her waist is narrow in proportion to her bust and hips, yes, but calling it “tiny” has a connotation that is just begging to be picked on.

Recently, Nicole Richie‘s weight once again came into question after she wore her daughter’s jacket in an Instagram photo. Bethenny Frankel was heavily criticized for wearing her toddler’s clothes in a picture, as well. Is it really necessary to mock, insult, or show pseudo-concern for a woman’s size simply because she is in the public eye? Answer: no, absolutely not. We are not with these celebrities all of the time; we have no idea how they feel about themselves, what they are really eating, how often they work out, if they have any medical issues that lead to gaining or losing weight, and so on.

While I do not think thin-shaming and fat-shaming are the same thing, they typically come from the same place: a desire to comment on and control how women look. Even though many people who do the former and not the latter believe they are somehow supporting other women by insulting a few, in reality, it just makes it more permissible to be rude about all women’s sizes.

Long lesson short: don’t make fun of Jessica Simpson’s size. If you’re going to make fun of these pictures, talk about how odd it is to take sexy photos in front of your family Christmas tree.