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Jessica Simpson’s VH1 documentary-style reality show The Price of Beauty featured the singer/actress/whatever going to countries around the world and learning about local standards of beauty and what women did to achieve it. However, the show’s ratings weren’t great. It did get picked up for a second season, but will be revamped and become more of a traditional makeover show. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe the reason the show didn’t become a big hit is that Jessica Simpson is only interesting on a reality show when she’s 22 and married and having cutesy relationship problems?

Another reality show wasn’t a bad idea for her, but having her be the center of a show about body image and gender issues might not have been the wisest decision. It was always hard to see a blonde, big-busted woman who fit the stereotypical American notion of beauty to a T go around the world being shocked every time she found out that another country didn’t see her as their ideal. As Jessica Wakeman points out on The Frisky:

“The Price of Beauty” was a rather embarrassing display about rude American tourists who make inappropriate jokes and shriek, squeal and squirm when offered strange food. When Miss American Pie Jessica Simpson burst into a fit of sniggering giggles while meditating in a Buddhist temple with a Thai monk, I covered my eyes with my hands and winced.

Maybe the better way to revamp The Price of Beauty would be to get a different host. Might I suggest:

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt. I can’t stand her, but the whole “I gained weight and everyone made fun of me thing” might make her somewhat more relatable as the host of the show. And now that The Ghost Whisperer has been cancelled, she’s free.
  • Lisa Ling. She already does great segments for Oprah and National Geographic, which gives her a good background in women’s issues and international travel.
  • Tyra. This would be hilarious because she’d make every single episode all about her and her own issues, but I would feel bad about inflicting her on the rest of the world.
  • Holly Madison. Considering all the plastic surgery she got to make herself into Hef’s perfect woman, she might have some sympathy for other women’s outrageous beauty treatments.

Any other suggestions?