The beautiful Canadian top model (and Meisel muse) Jessica Stam just shared a thorough breakdown of her beauty regime and, man, is it unsurprisingly low-maintenance:

– She uses men’s deodorant (Old Spice, to be exact)
-She puts balm on her eyelids if she’s not wearing makeup, “just for a little sheen”
-…And on her eyelashes (if she foregoes mascara)
-She loves Egyptian Magic (like everyone ever)
-She takes Viviscal supplements for her hair and claims it works wonders
-She uses Herbal Essences shampoo
-And, of course, she eats “whatever [she] wants.” [Granted: she does so “in moderation” and has a trainer]

Definitely go read her full breakdown at Into The Gloss, which is both awesomely lowkey and admirably inexpensive (for the most part).