The countdown to Coachella is on and you can tell that preparations are starting. Target and Hunter Boots already revealed that they’re collaborating on a massive collection and there are some new mermaid product launches we cannot wait to try. If you’re thinking about your next-level makeup look, you’ll want to know about jeweled brows.

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Cosmopolitan reported that The Gypsy Shrine, debuted the look on Instagram. As you can guess, it has people decorating their brows with rhinestones and diamantes.

We’ve previously seen some bold brow trends for festival season including flower brows and feather brows. Furthermore, sparkle is never in short supply at festivals. The more glitter we can throw on the better. So, it jeweled brows make perfect sense for festivals.

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They key to pulling off the look is choosing an adhesive that will stand up to the long, hot, sweaty days of festival season but won’t rip your eyebrows out. You’ll also want to choose a selection of gorgeous jewels that can be placed along your natural eyebrow line. You’ll want to keep applying them until all of your natural brows are covered. After that, you can get creative and embellish the rest of your body.

When it comes to shine, there’s no such thing as too much.