john green loves makeup

For the last few months, no one’s been able to shut up about John Green. He’s a YouTube celebrity, he’s a world renown weirdo, and he’s the author of The Fault in Our Stars (but you might know him better as “the dude whose book made Shailene Woodley cut her hair off and cry about it in that one adorable video.”) John’s getting some buzz for a different reason today, though, and it’s kind of right up our alley. The 36-year-old nerd hunk took to YouTube this morning to talk about how much he loves… makeup.

“So I’m completely really super into getting my makeup done,” the bestselling author tells his makeup artist in one clip. He goes on to explain,

I had my makeup done the whole time I was on the [Fault in Our Stars] movie tour, like first thing in the morning, and then they touched up all day long. I just looked… so good. I felt so good about myself. I’m not even kidding.

For the rest of the video, John explains that he grew up with the mentality that makeup was some kind of symptom of feminine weakness and that girls must have been wearing it for the sole purpose of attracting and impressing men, but he’s grown to understand that that’s a load of patriarchal bullshit. He details the way makeup makes him feel (comforted, confident, protected), and bravely mentions that he doesn’t see himself wearing it on a daily basis because he’s “tragically unimmune to social conventions.” And like a decent ally, he ends the video making it clear that a) he doesn’t think he invented self-love, b) he doesn’t see himself as a savior for all makeup-wearing and oppressed women, and c) women are hugely successful for their makeup artistry on YouTube, and they deserve the attention more than he does. Pretty great.

We at The Gloss are all about dudes who wear makeup, chicks who don’t, people who fall outside the binary who do whatever makes them feel good, and people who do things for their own self-care. If you agree, you’ll probably be into this video.

Photo via Vlogbrothers on YouTube