John Poppleton Sunset ArtYou can call it painting, photography or even makeup, but I’ll just stick with stunning. Sometimes we’re too preoccupied with the magical things you can do with Photoshop (in addition to the completely ridiculous things that you can screw up with it) to remember that you don’t need the wizardry of a pen tool to create exquisite art–sometimes you just need paints and a canvas. If the canvas is a person, that’s even better. Oh, and don’t forget a black light. Before you start thinking about tacky black light party body art, this is much better than dirty words and phallic symbols hastily drawn on your arms.

Artist John Poppleton‘s Bodyscapes series celebrates the female body by painting wilderness scenes directly onto it. He then photographs the models under black light for unique, vibrant portraits. (You can watch the entire process in super speed here.) Looking at these Bodyscapes makes me wish that I could get full body UV tattoos, though it would require a bigger commitment than a BFF tattoo, and that’s already too much for me.

Here are just a few examples of John’s gorgeous work:

John Poppleton Waterfall

Her arms could be tree branches, and I mean that in the most complimentary way. I want to reach out and pick a leaf off one.

John Poppleton Floating Sky

They say it’s how you interpret the art that is important, and I interpret this to be  Harry Potter inspired. That is the Enchanted Ceiling.

John Poppleton Hawaii

 The way the model’s hair is incorporated with the tree leaves is seamless. The flower just adds another element. (I almost sounded like a proper art critic there.)

John Poppleton Jellyfish Art

The simplicity of this one is equally impactful. Those jellyfish look 3-D, no special glasses required. Though I’m sure if you wore them, they would only make this look cooler.

To see more of John’s breathtaking work, check out his website and Facebook page.

(Photos: John Poppleton)