Joseph Gordon-Levitt said, of his Looper co-star Emily Blunt, “She’s funny …  and let’s face it, most pretty girls aren’t funny.”

I mean, I’m inclined to say “that’s dumb.” Because of this:

tina fey

But then, I’m also inclined to think that if anyone has an excess of attributes that will draw people to them, they don’t necessarily need to cultivate other attributes. If we view all of human interaction as just a long game dedicated to convincing someone to mate with us so we can pass on our genes, well, if you look like Heidi Klum you’re already going to be somewhat set in that regard. People already want to mate with you. Lots of people. Sure, you can be funny, but you don’t really need to be funny to draw people to you.

And humor is generally something you really have to work at – I don’t think, regardless of what very enthusiastic parents say – that anyone is a “born comedian.” Any night at a comedy club reminds you how hard it is to be truly funny. Going out on a limb, I’d say it’s an attribute that often ends up being cultivated by kids who are really looking for a way to make other kids like them (perhaps this is why Tina Fey so often references how dorky she was growing up).And those kids aren’t generally the kids who are “the best looking kid in class.”

Or, you know, Joseph Gordon-Levitt could just be an asshole. Weigh in and tell your favorite joke!

Tina Fey via Vanity Fair