You should buy it because it’s great. Here.

(Seriously – we get tons of products in the office. Many of them are indistinguishable from one another, and there’s no reason to waste your time with descriptions of them. But once a while there is one that is jaw-droppingly amazing, and frankly, just makes us feel better about our skin and our looks in general. Like this one. It’s as though the peel actually ate away all the dead, dry, end of winter skin off our faces, replacing it with the kind of dewy, glowing skin that, well, we’ve never associated with any month, because we’ve never had it before. It only takes ten minutes, and it sort of tingles, so you know it’s working. Your face might be a little red afterwards, especially if you have really sensitive skin, so give yourself a little time before going out. But yes, your skin will feel fresh in a way that it never has. That’s about it. Go out and buy it. Then read Kevin’s really funny first piece about what reading romance novels taught him about women while smearing it on your face.)