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Believe it or not, I’m one of those people that loves looking at her daily horoscope. I don’t necessarily do anything with the information I’m given, mostly because, as a Scorpio, my horoscope always tells me to either dress like Kate Hudson at the Golden Globes or basically fight someone on the street, but I still like to know what the stars supposedly have in store for me. As a result, though, I’m a big fan of zodiac-inspired style guides. I’m more than happy to let my sign direct me toward a new dark lipstick or a perfume I wouldn’t have considered on my own. That’s why I’m so excited for Julep‘s new Zodiac Collection: it’s one more reason to add to my already out-of-control nail polish collection, and it’s curated just for me! And you too, I guess. 

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Julep teamed up with Star Sign Style‘s astrologist, Kimberly Peta Dewhirst, to create colors that accurately represent each star sign’s “particular charms.” Each month, in order to coincide with a new sign, Julep will release a new shade accompanied by one of Dewhirst’s horoscopes and an illustration by Brooklyn-based illustrator, designer, and exhibiting artist Katy Smail. Basically, you can wear your future on your nails. It’s a pretty cute concept, don’t you think?

First up in 2016 is Aquarius (January 21-February 19). Dewhirst’s horoscope for all you mermaids reads as follows:

“The eccentrics of the zodiac, you’re a true original with a unique ability to plug into trends way ahead of the crowd. You’re a fan of a natural look, but when you dress to impress you lean towards striking touches—an unusual color, modern print, unexpected accessory, or jewelry that you’ve never seen anywhere else. You’re drawn to unusual hobbies, and you’re often found championing a worthy cause. Style choices are frequently inspired by your latest pursuit. You’re the sign that’s most suited to a chic boho vibe, but you rock cutting-edge styles with equal authority…As we enter 2016 you’re energized to make your mark on the world, Aquarius! You’re serious about investments, including how you spend your time and with whom. Your January social calendar will fill with beautiful potential, use this month to tune into your ideal tribe.”

And here’s a GIF that I expect looks exactly how you always feel:


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Your accompanying shade is a “multidimensional teal to match your electric, aqua-babe vibe.” Basically, you’ve got yourself a pretty, holographic blue-green polish that’ll add a great pop of color to any look or personality.

Aquarius ($14)

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New shades will launch on Julep’s website each month, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for yours when the time comes!