You may have heard of Julia Bluhm, the ambitious 14-year-old from Maine who caused a stir by petitioning Seventeen mag to run one un-retouched spread per issue. Bluhm’s at it again–along with friend Izzy Labbe–this time, taking a copy of Seventeen magazine into their school cafeteria and asking a bunch of classmates what they think.

Although there’s a lot of skittishness (they are 14-year-olds), it’s pretty impressive to see a bunch of (young) teens respond to the magazine with pure frustration and skepticism. “No one is that shiny,” remarks one astute girl who adds that although “the magazine has some good self-confidence stuff, it also contradicts itself” while criticizing the “very, very sexist advertising.”

Also, points to the awesome girl in plaid who immediately dismisses the magazine by saying, “This is totally fake. No one looks like that.”

Be warned: the audio is terrible.


Here is Bluhm’s petition.