Having just watched all of season 2 of Veep in one night, we are fully convinced Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the best person in the entire world. And this morning she revealed her new Rolling Stone cover, and now we’re totally convinced that Veep is real.

Louis-Dreyfus is totally naked on the cover of Rolling Stone, save for the entire text of the Constitution across her back, with John Hancock’s famous signature lined up nicely above a pair of comely dimples.

“In my defense, ‘I was in a drunken stupor’ #crackexcuse,” Louis-Dreyfus tweeted last night when she debuted the picture.

Now we are sure <em>Veep</em> is a documentary, because this seems exactly like something that would happen to Vice President Selina Meyer. She’d take too much St. John’s Wort, start tripping balls, then wind up naked on Rolling Stone with the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution on her back. (They’d probably get mixed up like this and cause an even bigger scandal.) The next day much swearing would ensue, and the reaction shots from her staff would be priceless.

We’d vote for her.

Of course, the other thing this reminds us of is when Julia Louis-Dreyfus played Liz Lemon in a flashback on 30 Rock Live, because Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks amazing.

“You’re prettier in your flashback,” Jack Donnaghy said.

“My flashback has Seinfeld money,” Liz said.

Seriously, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has not aged in 20 years. She just hangs out in a Lazarus Pit with Angela Bassett and talks about how good TV has gotten lately. (Please invite us to that party.)

(Photo: Twitter/Julia Louis Dreyfus)