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You may need to sit down for this shocking news. I regret to inform you that someone who used to date Ryan Seacrest (and is now mostly famous for being an “accidental racist”) has changed her hair. It looked one way and now it looks a different way.

Pardon my snark, but since I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars, my introduction to Julianne Hough was this Halloween’s blackface costume. After deeply disappointing her fans and non-fans alike, Julianne hasn’t gotten too much positive press lately. But, considering the spectacular Uzo Aduba–whose Orange is the New Black character was the inspiration for Hough’s offensive costume–stated her feelings that “she apologized and I feel like we can all move on,” then I suppose we should tentatively move on. Specifically, we will move on to her hair. Which she changed. Changed!

Hough posted photos of her new hair extensions on Instagram last night, and from what I can tell, it looks fine. Just fine. She’s been sporting a shaggy bob for quite some time now– my theory is that she fancies herself the next Meg Ryan— but she must have realized that Nicholas Sparks flicks and Footloose remakes aren’t huge career-makers, because the new extensions are for an upcoming movie role. She captioned the photos with “Don’t worry, it’s just for a project,” so thankfully we can all stop that worrying we were definitely doing.

hough's hair continues

Like I said, the extensions don’t look bad. They just don’t look, uh… good. I keep getting flashbacks to that SNL sketch where a confused-looking Paris Hilton wears a cheap blonde wig. (Although it’s very likely that I’m just being overly critical out of undying love for Crazy Eyes.) What do you think?

Via E! Online / Photos: Instagram