Julie Chen denies nose job allegations on The Talk

Earlier this week, The Talk‘s Julie Chen revealed the fact she’d undergone double eyelid surgery, in order to have a career onscreen. This was depressing for a number of reasons–some pertaining to racism, to sexism, to toxic self-image. But the accompanying before and after photo (below) actually distracted from the weight of the issue because it appeared that, in addition to revealing her eyelid surgery, Chen might have also inadvertently revealed a dramatic nose job.

Which means The Talk had to go and devote another very special episode this week to Chen denying the new set of plastic surgery allegations.

She starts by claiming, “For the record, I have never had a nose job. I have only had plastic surgery done to my eyes that I’ve already told you about.”


julie chen double eyelid surgery nose job rumors

Looking at the before and after photo, it’s easy to see why people figured Chen had gotten rhinoplasty. It’s also easy to see that the ‘after’ photo at right has gone through the Photoshop sausage grinder, rich autumnal sunset lighting and all.

But the difference in the photos, Chen claims, actually had everything to do with her makeup artist’s exquisite contouring abilities.

While we understand your skepticism, so does Chen. And, rather than insist she hadn’t undergone any surgery despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary Michael Jackson-style, she just laid her cards down. She brought with her a photo pre-hair and makeup, from right after waking up…

Julie Chen before makeup…And proceeded to superimpose one over the other, showing a pretty perfect overlap:

Julie Chen proves she's never had a nose job

And that is how you lay waste to haters.

She also admitted to considering a nose job, saying, “I thought about getting a nose job, because I have a very bulbous, meaty nose. It’s a meaty nose! And I’m very superstitious, because a lot of Chinese people are, and my grandmother, who had the same nose said, ‘Don’t you touch that nose, that’s what we Chinese people call a Good Fortune nose. You have the same nose as me,’ and my grandmother led a very peaceful, fortuitous life. […] So I didn’t touch the nose. I didn’t touch anything else.”

She also said sometimes her makeup artist goes overboard with the contouring and friends or relatives will call her and tell her she looks like she should be on Broadway’s Lion King, lol.

lion king haters gonna hate

You can see the whole clip, superimposition and all, over at YouTube.