junie hoang
Junie Hoang just tried to sue IMBD for posting her actual age on their website. She is 41. She lies and tells the world she is 33. You might ask yourself, “Who is Junie Hoang?”

She the star of Gingerdead Man 3, a cinematic classic. Also The Bong Connection, and Hoodrats 2. Now that I have your full attention…

According to The New York Post: 

[The] B-movie actress yesterday lost her landmark lawsuit against IMDb.com after claiming she was denied roles in Hollywood because the film Web site outed her real age.


“We’re devastated,” actress Junie Hoang, 41, told The Post. “But I believed the issues were worth fighting for.”

Junie! No. You are not a freedom fighter. The problem is not IMDB. The problem is not the fact that IMBD lists people’s ages. The problem is the notion that you can’t play someone who runs from The Gingerdead Man at 41.

I think I speak for all of us when I say that we would run from The Gingerdead Man at any age.

And the problem is women like you – who are 41 but look 25 – not proudly saying that you are 41. If only people that look haggard at 41 admit their age, then stupid Hollywood producers will think it’s a terrible age.

Also, when you lie to make yourself younger people just think that you look very tired for your age. This is a really, really terrible plan.

41 is a terrible age only if you are in Logan’s Run. Anywhere else it should be a perfectly fine age. Especially if you are 41 and look absolutely terrific.

Picture via Junie Hoang Facebook