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I’m really not a very complex person. I spend my life thinking about the following three things for equal amounts of time: Snacks, makeup, and this baby samoyed playing paddy cake for the first time. So, when some brave soul out there manages to do something that lets me think about two of those three things at once, I have to take notice and applaud their work. Unfortunately, no one has yet to find a way to incorporate that particular puppy into their everyday life (other than it’s owner, I’d imagine, but we’re not on that level yet), but someone has managed to find a way to pair makeup and snacks together. His name is Tim O., he’s a makeup artist, and his junk food packaging-inspired makeup looks are things of beauty and splendor.

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Over the past few months, Tim O has been creating makeup looks inspired by your favorite late night drugstore impulse buys and posting them to his Instagram feed, and the results are just plain fun. A quick scroll through his photos will show you that he’s not afraid of bold color, so other than the fact that these inspiration is a little silly, the looks aren’t totally out of character for him. I always admire people who are willing to try out big, flashy, unconventional colors, so I was a fan at first sight.

Check out some of Tim’s snack-inspired looks below!



Oh, Funyuns. I have a complicated relationship with Funyuns (read: one time I ate three bags of them on a road trip in college and promptly puked everywhere). That said, I don’t have a complicated relationship with that green lip. In fact, I think I might be in love with it.

Wild Berry Pop Tarts

pop tarts

Pop Tarts were on the list of forbidden snacks in the Steinfeld household growing up, but what ’90s kid didn’t harbor a secret love for this most classic of lunchbox snacks? The colors in this smokey eye are spot on, and I’ve never envied a man’s eyebrows more in my entire life.

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Cheddar & Sour Cream Potato Chips


That makeup looks is almost as seductive as that bag of chips. Almost.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos


That sharp orange cat eye is great and all, but can we take a minute to talk about that ombre lip? Better yet, can we just talk about nothing but that ombre lip for the rest of our natural existences?

Be sure to follow Tim O’s Instagram at @skelotim for more looks!

(Photos: Instagram/Tim O)