justin-bieber-calvin-klein-lying-down photoshop lara stoneRemember those cute lil Calvin Klein ads starring Justin Bieber that shocked everyone by making him suddenly attractive us all? (Not that he’s not conventionally hot, he’s just also a rather awful person which makes him anti-hot.) There was much speculation yesterday as to whether his abs were Photoshopped in order to increase definition and tone–a practice that is common in ad campaigns, editorials, and even regular blogging. However, there’s now a new photo editing claim, with outlets questioning if Justin’s body hair in the photo was actually fake.

Behold the Biebs on a typical day out in public–so, you know, shirtless and grabbing his dick for literally no reason–compared to his ad with model Lara Stone for CK.

Justin Bieber body hair happy trail of lies photoshop…Hmmmm.

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Obviously, if these claims are all true, it is (probably) not Justin’s fault. Images of celebrities and models are frequently edited–sometimes poorly, but often well and without detection. Celebrities generally have more control over what their image will look like than the average model, so there is a chance that Justin requested these additions and alterations–thus the “(probably)” up there–but it’s just as possible that Calvin Klein simply wanted to portray a specific kind of image that happened to include positively ripped abs and a happy trail.

So, is this a case of Photoshop or Biebershop? The world may never know. What I do know, however, is that TMZ’s “HAPPY TRAIL OF LIES!!!” title may be its best work ever.

Photos: Calvin Klein; PacificCoastNews