Tricep implants, bicep implants, brow reshaping, cheek augmentation, lip injections, a butt to rival Kim Kardashian–this is Justin Jedlica, the so-called Human Ken Doll. Jedlica’s had ninety cosmetic surgery procedures and has no intention of stopping any time soon. When asked why he doesn’t just, say, work out to get bigger triceps and biceps, Jedlica scoffs and shakes his head, “That is so not exciting, glamorous or fabulous.” He sees his gradual transformation into a Real Doll as a manner of rejecting conformity, “I love to really metamorphosize myself, and the stranger the surgery… the better. Bucking the norm is so much fun!”

In the below video, Jedlica describes how his long, dark journey into extreme body modification began with insecurity about his nose. It’s taken him five rhinoplasties to get to something acceptable–“It’s still not 100%,” he notes–but he insists that his $100,000 worth of nips and tucks is not a psychological disorder. “I think I have a very clear picture of how I look, when I look in the mirror.”

ABC interviews Justin in the video below, then trots out a doctor to fret that he’s jeopardizing his health. The next segment concerns Lacey Wildd, keeper of the world’s 7th largest breasts. Please watch only if you want to be unsettled.


Oh, here’s Jedlica’s butt, post-surgery:

(via Gothamist)