JWoww boobs gif

(Via Zap2It)

Looks like Snooki isn’t the only one enhancing her natural features for Instagram: Jersey Shore star JWoww (whose real name is a much less fun “Jenni Farley”) posted a selfie on Monday showing off her ultra-hourglass figure in a corset. Naturally, it is leopard print.

JWoww corset training waist

(Photo: JWoww/Instagram)

The caption seems to feature a sponsored ad:

Waist training in my favorite waist cincher from@Girlycurves_! Giving me AMAZING RESULTS! Can’t wait to show you guys my CURVES in 30 days! Go to www.Girlycurves.com to get yours and use the code “10off” FOR 10% OFF!

Okay, as much as I do not think I would have picked leopard print for a corset top (appropriate though it seems), it’s hard to deny that she looks awesome. She looks like Jessica Rabbit, but brunette and with glasses and in sweatpants. Of course, there is already a “human Jessica Rabbit,” but she wears her corset about 23 hours per day, which just seems a little too painful to want to bother with. But speaking of pain, Jenni recently discussed having had a boob job on her blog in a post simply titled, “Let’s Talk About My Boobs,” exhibiting her openness about plastic surgery and her body–something that shouldn’t be a taboo topic, but so often is.

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JWoww has been the subject of much scrutiny, both with regard to her body and her general personality, as so often happens with reality stars/celebrities/all women ever. But y’know, I actually really like JWoww. And Snooki, for that matter! Both seem like they genuinely love each other and are actually best friends (none of that awkward Hills crap); both have relationships with guys that actually seem totally normal; both have adorable little kids. Of all the oddities we saw on Jersey Shore and similar shows, the pair of them seemed like the one I would be most likely to befriend and occasionally black out with. Or just eat Pinkberry and talk about corsets. Either works. Call me, JWoww!