Kaley Cuoco just can’t stop chopping off her long, blonde hair. Just as we were getting used to her super trendy choppy bob, she’s surprised us again by chopping off another several inches and going all thew ay to a pixie cut.

kaley cuoco haircut

We’ve been fooled by Kaley Cuoco’s hair antics before. Two months ago she pretended to chop her long, blonde hair into a super cute choppy bob, but that turned out to be a hoax. The hoax hair was so cute, though, that she caved not long after and got the haircut for real, and we loved it. Kaley Cuoco’s choppy bob was completely adorable, but now she’s doubled down and gone for the full pixie cut. Seriously, it looks like she went to the salon with a photo of Jennifer Lawrence‘s pixie cut from back in November.


“Thank you @clsymonds for bringing out my inner Peter Pan :) #byronbeverlyhills #justcutitoff,” she captioned her big reveal photo on Instagram.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this change. She looks good and normally I am a great admirer of pixie cuts, but looking at this style I can’t help but remember all the awkward red carpet hair styles Jennifer Lawrence had to go through while waiting for her pixie cut to grow out a bit. For six months straight, she was stuck wearing it loose and choppy or slicked-back and robotic until it was finally long enough to wear loose at Cannes. The pixie cut can be adorable, but it’s not exactly versatile.

Still, Cuoco looks adorable with her shorter styles. As much as I loved her longer bob, this looks cute too. And she appears to have a lot of fun chopping all her hair off lately, but she might be approaching the end of the line. Any shorter and she’ll have to get a buzz cut. From what we’ve seen of her looks, that’ll probably be adorable too.

(Photos: Cosmopolitan, Instagram)