Kaley Cuoco Posted A Topless Photo On Instagram But Hang On Pervs--Ryan Sweeting's In It, Too

Sometimes, Kaley Cuoco does the most absurdly adorable things, like wear pink wedding dresses and pretend she is getting a haircut, then not getting a haircut (and then getting a haircut). Unfortunately, this is not one of those times because duckface is involved. And Ryan Sweeting, but that is besides the point, I suppose.

Kaley posted the photo to Instagram over the weekend, leading to many a gasp regarding her toplessness. Of course, as far as topless photos go, this is basically as tame as it gets–she is being covered up at the bosom by her semi-new husband. It is an overall cute photo of a couple that exists and people seem to enjoy following, though I admittedly still think Ryan Sweeting’s silly tattoo on his forearm of Kaley’s name is super ridiculous. To be fair, I am selectively judgmental when it comes to tattoos (namely, I judge the ones on celebrities a little harder than most because they can totally afford awesome work yet often wind up with Justin Bieber‘s type of crap).

In addition to being an overall typical Instagram selfie (filter, sunglasses, the guise of toplessness sans nipple), this is a perfect example of something annoying that couples do all the effing time. Yes, I could just click away and not look at it; still, if you are close friends with somebody who posts obnoxious “OMG he’s my heart, my BFF, [insert Bon Iver lyrics here], look at these weird faces we’re making” photos all the time, then it can lead to some conflicting feelings on how to proceed.