Karlie Kloss diet cookies

Supermodel Karlie Kloss is becoming a vegan baker because… because why the fuck not?

Honestly, a model producing a line of nutritious, vaguely healthy cookies is a LOT more plausible than a famous person with no design experience becoming a fashion designer. Or creating a signature scent.

Or, tragically, designing affordable sconces for the home.

Kloss has teamed up with Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar–New York’s beloved chainlet of oddball cookie flavors and home of the famed “cereal milk” soft serve, etc–to create a few kinds of vegan cookies, prosiacally named Karlie’s Kookies (though wouldn’t that be pronounced kook-keys, Cookie Monster-style?).

Though the cookies are vegan, the promo video is pure cheese. Watch as Kloss and Tosi don ’80s workout gear and pretend to collaborate on the recipe over mixers in the Momofuku kitchen. Interpersed throughout, the camera lingers a little too long on Kloss’ leotard-clad butt. Also, considering Kloss grew up in front of cameras, it’s surprising this is so awkward.

But! The cameo from Mission Chinese Food’s Danny Bowien makes it.