I’ve always admired Karlie Kloss for how down-to-Earth she seems despite living the bizarre and fabulous life of a (very successful) fashion model. After hanging out with Karl Lagerfeld and modeling a bajillion dollars worth of couture, she’s still somehow able to transform back into a sweet 19-year-old from Saint Louis. She displays that quality quite a bit in this video, which was shot for W‘s “Screen Tests” series.

In the clip above, she discusses how she balanced high school with a fashion career, how she was a foot taller than her prom date, and how much she loves ballet. She also gets into somewhat dangerous (but also somewhat “duh”) territory when discussing the ridiculous get-ups she sometimes models:

“Sometimes I just don’t understand fashion at all. There are absolutely times when I get to a fitting or something and I look at my outfit, and I’m like ‘you gotta be kidding me!'”

Bold words for someone who makes her living in the fashion world, but I suppose designers love her so much that they won’t care she stated the obvious in an interview. If anyone is sweet and lovely enough to get them to laugh at themselves a tiny bit, it’s her. (I also suspect writer Lynn Hirschberg baited this answer out of her. At least there were no truffle fries around?)

I also love the way she describes turning back into herself after a long day of pretending to be some otherworldly glamor puss:

At the end of the day I take all my makeup off and I’m like Karlie? Have we met? Haven’t seen you for a while, how you been?

(Via Fashionista)