When a brand releases a popular beauty product, the logical thing is to capitalize on the love and turn that single product into a collection. That’s what Kat Von D is doing after the success of the Alchemist Palette ($32). The brand unveiled on Instagram that it has turned the holographic highlighter palette into a mini, single-pan product with the Alchemist Holographic Transformer ($14).

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The Kat Von D Alchemist Palette was a hit because it featured four prismatic colored highlighters that were #unicorngoals. The shades had just the right amount of color and allowed us to achieve that other worldly glow. Furthermore, they functioned as transformers and top coats. The Alchemist Holographic Transformer plays into that versatility.

Like the OG Alchemist Palette, the Alchemist Holographic Transformer comes in a triangular package with a silvery “A” design on the front that’s similar to the big palette. It’s a product that was actually teased at the end of 2017, but never had a launch date or much information detailed apart from the distinctive triangular shape.

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In terms of the color inside the Alchemist Holographic Transformer, it’s {teal} aquamarine. It’s a dazzling blue-green shade that’s meant to catch the light wherever you move your head. Like the original, it has Double Dimension Technology where 360 degree refractive pearl have been dipped in a prismatic coating to take the sparkle to the next level. It’s still part highlighter, part transformer and part topcoat and can be applied to bare skin or on top of products for a major glow.

As of July 30, the Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Transformer is available online at KatVonDBeauty.com and Sephora. International launches will roll out from mid-August with it launching in Debenhams in Ireland and the UK. The holographic transformer will continue to roll out in October to April 2019 for a Sephora Brazil launch.