25 NEW @katvondbeauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades! They all have different launch dates so I suggest following @katvondbeauty for the best launch updates! I just wanted to show you some awesomeness coming out to look forward to! I threw in a few extra in there, too, cuz I love you: •Gold Skool is a metallic, longwear top-coat, that I'll be launching for @katvondbeauty's 10 year anniversary!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT'S COMING UP?! ? •XO – is the richest ox-blood I've ever worn and is already available in the #BetterTogether collection at sephora. And if you guys love it, I'll make sure to bring it back in full size form! •Lovecraft is gonna be selling individually this Spring. •Plath and Roxy will be launching in full size in Feb! •and the first shades we are launching will be the last 6 nudes at the end of this vid: Muñeca, Ophelia, Ludwig, Sanctuary, Hawkwind, and Crucifix!! I believe they're launching coming up this next week?? Again, I suggest following @katvondbeauty for official release dates, and WAY BETTER swatches than me! ? SONG: "Vision One" by Röyksopp

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It’s a new day and there’s another new Kat Von D beauty product to obsess over. Kat Von D has been delivering lately. The Kat Von D x Too Faced Better Together collection finally dropped, and Kat gave us the Alchemist Palette and the Pastel Goth one. This time, Kat is giving lipstick lovers something to be excited about with the launch of new Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades.

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Kat made the announcement on her personal Instagram account that the range is being expanded with a whopping 25 new shades. Whether you’re looking for neutral shades or unique lip colors, Kat has you covered. Some of the new colors to look out for include: Ophelia (warm matte nude), Hawkwind (matte soft brown), Zero (matte muted mauve) and Nocturna (deep purple).

New @katvondbeauty Everlasting Liquid Lip shades [part III]. Fun facts + info below: ?LOVECRAFT: finally! Our beloved Studded Kiss shade will be in the Everlasting Formula! Currently, it's available in the Everlasting Obsession vault on katvondbeauty.com. ?HAZE: romantic spin on grey/beige/greige. I dedicate this shade to @jessicahazemua. ?NOCTURNA: deepest grape. ?MUÑECA: nude petal. ?OPHELIA: nude chestnut. ?LUDWIG: nude fawn. ?SANCTUARY: nude coffee ?HAWKWIND: nude sienna. ?CRUCIFIX: deep chocolate. ***the last 6 nude shades [Muńeca, Ophelia, Ludwig, Sanctuary, Hawkwind, Crucifix] will be sold individually, and in a discounted nude-bundle in February – exclusively at sephora! #everlastingliquidlipstick #katvondbeauty #crueltyfree #vegan

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If you’re looking to get your hands on the collection, note that the shades have different launch dates. If it’s the nude shades that you’re lusting after, they will launch first. Plus, six of them will also be available in a nude lippy bundle starting in February.

New @katvondbeauty Everlasting Liquid Lip shades [part II]. Fun facts + info below: ?MISS ARGENTINA: maximum fuchsia, inspired Beetlejuice. Duh! ?TRAVIESA: neon fire engine red. Traviesa might as well been my nickname as a kid. ?HYPER HYPER: there's not a bright enough emoji to describe this motherf*cker. ?LA LUPÉ: warm almond. This special shade is amazing! And yes, inspired by the famous Cuban singer! ?ÓRALE: electric pumpkin. ?MALICE: neon persimmon red – named after one of my biggest muse: @officialmalicemcmunn ?SACRED HEART: muted pumpkin. ⚰️PLATH: so, I got production to move quicker so we could release full size versions of this shade, coming Feb! ?XO: this limited edition shade is already out now in the #BetterTogether collection exclusively at Sephora. #everlastingliquidlipstick #katvondbeauty #crueltyfree #vegan

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If your New Year’s resolution is to wear bolder lipsticks, note that the rest of the liquid lipsticks will begin launching in February and some won’t be available until April. Furthermore, some of them will be limited edition so make sure you snatch them while you can.

New @katvondbeauty Everlasting Liquid Lip shades. Fun facts + info below: ?ZERO: pale cement grey, named after @ashkittty kitty cat. ?DAGGER: cool, dusty grey/periwinkle. ?WOOLF: deep stone grey, inspired by one of my favourite poets, Virginia Woolf. ?PLAN 9: this is the Everlasting version of our famous Studded Kiss deep seafoam green lipstick. ?DREAMER: neon aqua. ?BLUE BLOODED: the most luscious royal blue. ?ROXY: this existing shade will be released in full-size in Feb/March. ?K-DUB: named this beautiful soft/neon berry after a woman I look up to in many ways: Kristin Walcott. Pre-launching 4/20. ?RUBENS: neon magenta inspired by my fave master painter: Peter Paul Rubens. This shade will be limited edition, available in the Spring on katvondbeauty.com only. #everlastingliquidlipstick #katvondbeauty #crueltyfree #vegan

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It would be brilliant if all of the lippies launched at once, but think about it this way: We’ll be able to build up our collections gradually and get a chance to enjoy each shade instead of having to run out and buy all of them at once.

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The new Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks launch starting in January.