Finalizing artwork for an upcoming @katvondbeauty collection… ?

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Let the new Instagram teasers commence. We’re already debating about what lipstick Pat McGrath is going to release and praying that Tarte Cosmetics is finally coming out with a Shape Tape Foundation. Kat Von D also excited us by giving us a preview of artwork for an upcoming Kat Von D Beauty collection.

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Kat Von D herself uploaded a photo of the artwork to her personal Instagram. She captioned the image, “Finalizing artwork for an upcoming  @katvondbeauty collection.” The photo show “fetish” written in a Gothic font with the “I” being made into a whip. Oh la la.

Unfortunately, that is the only information Kat gave us about the collection. There is no official confirmation on whether the fetish design is going to be on one product or a series of them. There’s not even a hint whether this could be a palette, lipstick or something else.

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We’ll be keeping you updated with all of the details of the exciting launch. In the meantime, we’ll just have to imagine what the collection could be like, and whether there will be a brush that looks like that leather whip. You never know.