Do you love beauty product teasers? If there’s a “name the shade” contest, do you always enter it? Then you’re going to be interested in Kat Von D‘s latest thing. The beauty brand is giving you the chance to be part of the development process of its new eyeliner, the Liner X ($20).

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Kat Von D announced the new eyeliner on Instagram and explained that it’s called “X” for the moment because it hasn’t even been given a proper name because it’s still being worked on. If you’re wondering why you should invest now, Kat Von D reports that it’s a felt-tipped liner with a “Super Black” color and finish that sits between the Tattoo Liner’s satin finish and the matte one of the new Ink Well Eyeliner. The X eyeliner also comes in a white and black minimalist package with “Liner X” labeled on it.

The Kat Von D Liner X is launching exclusively on from October 19. They’re limited quantities so if you want to try this version, get on it. Kat Von D is then encouraging people to share their feedback on social media and write reviews so they can ensure it’s the perfect liner for makeup lovers.

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If you have firm ideas about what you want in an eyeliner and want to be part of the final result, this is your opportunity to be an unofficial makeup developer.