If you’ve been a Kat Von D fan since the beginning, you will remember that in addition to having amazingly pigmented, vegan lip colors, Kat Von D also had fragrances. The scents first appeared way back in 2009 with the Sinner and Saint fragrances. Much to fans’ disappointment, they were discontinued. However, Kat Von D herself recently revealed she is bringing the scents back in the form of candles.
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Kat shared a photo on Instagram that she has been working on some artwork for Saint+Sinner candles to match the fragrances. She revealed she is considering laser-cutting the drawing from the photo into negative linework on black coated glass for the final candle. And she wants to know our thoughts.

Whether you’re familiar with Saint and Sinner or not, the talk of candles is probably enough to excite you. And you’d probably be happy with any kind of artwork. However, it seems that the skull design is getting a big thumbs up on social media.

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Unfortunately, Kat did not reveal anything else about the candles. We didn’t get a launch date or whether there will be any other products in the range. (Here’s hoping that body creams and reed diffusers are included.)

We’ll be keeping one eye on Kat’s Instagram for more information about the Saint + Sinner candles and when we’ll get to try them out. Until then, we still have the Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Palette.