If you’re a Kat Von D fan, you have had a good last few weeks. Kat Von D has been dropping good beauty announcement after good beauty announcement. It started with the brand revealing that it is launching a gorgeous metallic blue lipstick. Then we found out that we’re getting a whopping 30 Everlasting Lip Liners. Then fans of the old Saint + Sinner fragrances lucked out when Kat Von D announced that they’re coming back and candles are in the works. The latest Saint + Sinner news is the reveal of the Saint + Sinner Palette.
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If you closely follow every Kat Von D update on social media, you will know that the Saint + Sinner Palette has been teased for a long time. Allure pointed out that it was first teased back in November 2016. Well, fans lucked out yesterday when Kat Von D’s Steffanie Strazzere took over Instagram Stories to give a preview of the upcoming palette.

The first thing that stands out about the palette is the shape. It’s a pointed arch shape that is reminiscent of a gothic cathedral window, which is actually the inspiration for it. The palette has two “doors” that you open that are decorated with gold filigree. When you open up the palette, you’re greeted with 24 eyeshadows that draw inspiration from the stained glass in cathedral windows.

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If you’re expecting deeper jewel tones, you’ll be pleased with the variety because there are light shadows, pastels, neons and a few neutrals. The lighter shades are of course on the “Saint” side of the palette, whereas the darker ones are on the “Sinner” side. The palette really captures the way light can alter the color of the windows.

Unfortunately the only thing that Steffanie didn’t reveal on Instagram Stories is when the palette will be launching. The Saint + Sinner fragrances launch in July so fingers crossed that the Saint + Sinner Palette launches then…or that it comes even earlier.