Kat Von D just dropped its Fetish makeup collection, but it’s not pausing. Kat Von D herself recently took to Instagram to tease an upcoming tarot makeup collection for the brand. And this is something you will want on your radar.

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There have been countless cosmetic collections related to horoscopes and astrology, but tarot cards take things in a different direction. And we know that Kat Von D isn’t one to follow the trends — the brand helps set them.

The first glimpse of the Tarot collection doesn’t give us much in the way of products, but Kat Von D did show off some artwork for the collection (as well as her pregnant belly). In the photo, we see four pencil sketches of tarot cards including Coins, Swords, Cups and Wands. Kat Von D didn’t reveal what type of products they’re for, but people are hoping they’re for palettes. Given that tarot cards are traditionally rectangular, a palette is a logical guess but the card design could be placed on a tube or another different shaped package.

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We’ll be keeping you updated with more details about the launch as they trickle in.