Real talk: I really wish people were not so obsessed with appearance, myself included. That said, we are and I am and it would be silly to deny that. However, there are limits to how far this obsession need go, and for me, they stop at plastic surgery to look like another human being or to gain their specific physical attributes.

The Daily Mail stated that plastic surgeons report requests for Kate Middleton‘s “near perfect” nose have tripled. “Her nose is straight with a cute, rounded tip and is perfectly in proportion to her face. This gives Kate an attractive and striking profile, said plastic surgeon Maurizio Persico.

I realize that bringing in a photo of Kate Middleton’s nose, boobs and ass is something that plenty of people have done for decades. Whether a person wants Angelina Jolie’s lips or Johnny Depp’s bone structure or Adriana Lima’s ass, folks have been referencing celebrities’ appearances to plastic surgeons for a long time. MTV even made a show about it.

I know that stating “I want larger lips” is not so different from asking a dermatologist to make your pout look like Lindsay Wixson’s (good luck), but it feels a bit sadder to me. Kate Middleton looks like Kate Middleton because she is Kate Middleton; when people attempt to look like her, they seem to be hoping they’ll gain a bit of her life, and that’s what bums me out so much. Sarah Hattley, a woman who got surgery to emulate the Duchess’ looks, explains her reasoning:

I’ve admired Kate since she first got engaged to William. I’ve tried to copy her natural make-up and long, glossy hair style: she always looks so effortlessly groomed. But it was her perfect nose — narrow and petite, with a subtle upturn — that always caught my eye in pictures.

I would try to imagine what my face would look like with a nose like Kate’s, because I’ve always hated my own…

When I revealed that I’d had a nose job, [my friends and colleagues] said they’d never realised I’d had such an issue with my nose before. But after so many years of low self-esteem and bullying, I now have confidence — just like Kate.”

Does that not sound a teensy bit odder than the simple, “I changed my nose because it had a bump and I didn’t like it”?*

Plastic surgery is a person’s choice for his or her own body. I would be lying if I said I had never considered it; I am not a fan of my jawline and even when I was rather underweight, the “love handle” area on my hips didn’t peace out. I have several friends who have had nose jobs, all of whom are thrilled with their decisions. But these are choices that involve altering something about how you look to tweak what’s already there, not to look like an entirely different person.

*Note: I love bumpy noses. They are amazing. Please don’t change yours unless you genuinely can’t stand it because seriously, they’re sexy and fantastic.

Photo: WENN.com