Kate Middleton seems like a very pleasant person, but I’m not sure why. Sure, she dresses nicely and is often smiling, but I haven’t the faintest idea why I instinctively feel she is probably great to hang out with. Hell, maybe I’m just extremely susceptible to the media’s influence. She is assisted in dressing well and looking lovely and is expected to be smiling all the time, after all, but she’s still considered to be an iconic female of our time. So isn’t it a bit off that one of the most popular, beloved women in the world right now is always seen, never heard, in public?

In a video to honor Children’s Hospice Week, Middleton urged the public to support their local hospice. Herself a patron of East Anglia Children’s Hospital, Middleton visits many hospitals for children to meet patients and their families.

Anything involving children’s hospitals is going to be incredibly emotional to watch, of course, and it is good to see a woman with so much influence take on such an important issue. Does she come off a bit like a newscaster? Sure. Do I like her more having heard her take vocally encouraging the public to help children with life-limiting illnesses receive helpful treatment and comforts? Yes, and it makes me wish I could hear more of her thoughts and opinions on significant problems of our time.

I am well aware that members of royalty in the UK are traditionally expected not to be especially outspoken. Sure, they crop up at all manner of events and do a lot of waving and grinning for cameras, and Middleton is particularly discussed at length for doing just about anything (including having a normal body that does normal body stuff), but that’s pretty much it; there’s no real personality being shown.

Obviously, people shouldn’t feel obligated to act specific ways exclusively for the obsessive public’s inconsequential benefit. I think I just wish I heard Kate Middleton talking more because then, I wouldn’t feel like she is often propped up as this excellently behaved doll for tabloids to throw around as they please. Nobody can be quite certain how much of her quiet behavior is the result of being a bit shy or if she just feels the pressure of being “perfect” and “well-mannered” for public image’s sake, but I can’t help feeling like she’s holding back all the time.

I’m not saying she should hop on The View and start a yelling match with Whoopi, but I would love to see her talk honestly and openly once in a while like, say, Amy Poehler. FFS, I think I’d be down for some love advice from Kate Middleton. At the very least, she can teach me how to not freak out if people ever talk about my stomach like it’s carrying the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

Photo: Getty Images