Kate Moss attends the amfAR Inspiration Gala against AIDS

Kate Moss attends the amfAR Inspiration Gala against AIDS

The Daily Mail is worried about women, you guys. Not all women (and not really); they’re mostly worried about famous women who can’t maintain imaginary levels of perfection. They’ve been worried about Kate Moss, for example, for a long time–remember when she walked Louis Vuitton and the lighting made her body look almost… human?! Remember when the Mail actually trotted out a couple women of varying ages and sizes to try and prove Moss had an unusual amount of cellulite?!

Well, they’re back at it–fretting that the supermodel’s body is just going to collapse in a heap of stretch marks and saggy flesh the moment she turns 40! Today, in typically hard-hitting fashion, the Mail explores Moss’ disintegrating figure in a post entitled Even supermodels get the bikini body blues: Kate Moss ‘struggling to stay slim and toned’ as she approaches 40. They delve deep:

But Kate, 39, has reportedly admitted to friends that she is ‘struggling to stay slim and toned’ after years of stunning photoshoots that has seen her dubbed a style icon.

There’s no doubt that Kate still has an enviable figure, which she showed off to good effect in a leopard print Melissa Odabash bikini while on holiday, like most women she is feeling some pressure to maintain her winning form.

A source told Closer magazine: ‘Kate’s lucky she’s naturally thin, but she turns 40 next January and feels that, while she’s slim, she’s not as firm and as toned as she used to be.’

They then run two photos of Moss in rapid succession–one showing “small spots of cellulite on her bottom” (their words) and one from 2012 in which she “cuts a smaller figure.” It’s astounding, by the way, that (even for an entity of the Mail‘s-caliber) it’s still perfectly acceptable to criticize a woman’s body this way.

The again, it was all the way back in 2007 that the Mail first exposed “the brutal truth about her fading looks.” In addition to a little decency and good taste, it sounds like they need some new ideas.

Kate Moss, meanwhile, will remain Kate Moss.

(Photo via Wenn)