OK, we get it. Kate Moss has great tits. Jesus.

Moss can be seen showing off her perky handfuls this time around in photos for the Pirelli calendar. In case you, like me, didn’t know what the significance of the calendar is, or why an international supermodel would pose for a genre that’s usually left to the C-list bikini models of the world, a quick glance at Wikipedia tells us the following:

Pirelli is a multinational company known for manufacturing tires. The calendar is not sold anywhere, but given as a corporate gift, thereby making it exclusive and highly coveted. Over the course of the years, the calendar has pretty much gained “art” status, since it’s shot by some of the world’s best photographers, and features the world’s most famous models, actresses and women-about-the-world.

Go figure.

The calendar will be released in New York in December, but a few photos were sent to Italian Vanity Fair as a teaser. Here’s what we have of Kate so far:

That’s Kate leaning against a wall, without a shirt on. And then:

Here’s Kate leaning against a different wall, also without a shirt on.

Anyway, she looks great, and more power to her, she should keep taking her top off forever. If I were her, I certainly would.