Last week, Fashionista ran a series of horror stories about how awful and oppressive interning in fashion can be (side note: mostly only awful and oppressive because you’ve never had an actual job before). Anyway, people got intensely interested in the following:

“My first fashion internship was in the PR department for a beloved British designer. One of her best friends, a well known supermodel, was fronting her spring campaign. I thought getting the designer, the model and the famous photog to St. Barth’s on the same plane on the same day for the same 12 hours was a nightmare, but then the clothes came back post-shoot. Turns out the model, who was in the midst of a drug scandal, couldn’t quite hold it together and the white sample suit was soaked in pee.”

Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor used some critical thinking and… unearthed Kate Moss starring in a campaign for (British designer) Stella McCartney… shot in St Barth’s… featuring a white suit. Which means…

The campaign was shot by Inez and Vinoodh and Kate looked lovely, for the record.