Kate Moss for W

We make fun of American fashion glossies a lot because their covers are boring. For one recent example, Harper’s Bazaar shed its own tedious cover format and then did a bunch of press congratulating itself for the new French Vogue-y direction. The March 2012 issue of W, however, gets both a supermodel (as opposed to an actress) and quite an arresting portrait to boot.

The issue will feature the inimitable Kate Moss shot by Steven Klein in a spread called “Good Kate, Bad Kate,” and will break absolutely no new ground by dressing her up in virginal nun costumes, which they’ll then juxtapose with images of her wearing creepy contact lenses. The profile will be characteristically fawning:

In catwalk footage from later on, Moss’s face had become streamlined, grown more feline, so that when emulating the swivel-hipped stride of her towering colleagues, she powered along the runway like a gilded hood ornament: inescapably British, the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy gene-spliced—perhaps by some model-agent Dr. Moreau—with the iconic Jaguar.

Although we’d probably write a gushy puff piece on Moss too, our boredom with the “sexy fashion nun” trope is well documented (this isn’t even Moss‘ first time in a fashion habit).

Here’s one more peak, of “demonic” Kate wearing Jil Sander:

(via W Magazine)