Kate Upton pretty much has the sexy corner of the model market covered. To secure her position, though, she recently sexily starred in a sexy Easter video while doing sexy things for LOVE magazine. Upton appears in a white top and bottom, with a fluffy tail and ears, and she’s featured painting Easter eggs and hopping around and writing on the floor. Like you do on Easter.

Anyway, you can watch the video here, and I’m going to leave you with this thought — while every single female celebrity has tried, in recent memory, to channel Marilyn Monroe, I don’t think that anyone has done it as well as Upton has here, and I’m not totally sure it’s intentional (sorry, Michelle Williams, Courtney Stodden, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, Andrej Pejic, Paris Hilton, et al).

Images via LOVE