In her short career, Kate Upton has endured snipes about her body, snide remarks about her ability to be a “real model” and even had to fuck a burger on camera. All the while, she’s gracefully shut down her haters and laughed it off to go buy more bikinis, always with the help of her trusty boobs. We’ve been defenders of Upton’s body but leery of her chances at actually cracking the fashion world (as opposed to the boobs world) but her appearance on the debut issue of Carine Roitfeld‘s swanky new fashion magazine CR Fashion Book makes us flat wrong.

Here’s Roitfeld’s explanation of the “not controversial” casting, which she gave to the Daily Beast:

It was an idea I shared with Bruce Weber about babies, animals, and little girls. I didn’t want a normal model. I wanted someone with a sensual body, someone who could be a mother for all these babies. Honestly, from the first time I worked with her – I saw in Sports Illustrated some pictures she did with Terry Richardson. I would not say she’s a controversial model, but she’s not a classic model. And I like that.

From the first time I met her when I did the story, she was so cool, and so good with all the baby dolls – I thought it was the best choice. It felt so natural for her to hold babies, baby pigs, baby lambs, baby donkeys. Maybe people will be surprised that she was my first cover, but you know, I always like to surprise people.

For a woman who just learned anorexia is bad, we think it’s a good decision. Although casting a chesty model for a birth-themed issue gives us the eyerolls, it’s still an arresting image and Upton looks fresh and lovely.

And remember Carine’s casting power: for her final issue of Vogue Paris, the editrix chose then-unknown Saskia de Brauw as her covergirl. Saskia has gone on to become Karl Lagerfeld‘s muse and star in campaigns for Versace, MaxMara and one of the most beautiful Chanel campaigns in years.

Here’s one more shot of Upton in CR: