About four months after publishing a single, novel photo of Kate Upton wearing lots of clothes alongside some teasing copy that pondered whether she’d ever make it as a fashion model, American Vogue has gone all in and done a full, seven photo spread of her shot by the very classy Steven Meisel. Once again, she’s wearing clothing! And not just any clothing: clothing by Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, etc. Why, it’s almost as if she’s a real model. She still doesn’t get to appear as just another model without commentary on her joie de vivre, but it’s a start. How very. Personally, I’m starting to think being the Kate Upton kind of model is just a little bit more fun than being the regular kind, even if she’s not as artsy-fartsy.

(Via FashionCopious)

Photos: Steven Meisel