You may not believe it, but Kate Upton–the girl who seems incapable of wearing anything but a bikini–landed in the “View” section of American Vogue‘s July issue (the one with Emma Stone on the cover), looking all fashion’ed up. Here she is, posing for Sebastian Kim in layers (!) of finery by Michael Kors, Hermes and Givenchy:

Look at that: no cleavage, no flowing windswept extensions (her hair is even pulled back in a severe bun!), minimal makeup and not even a hint of those slightly goofy faces she’s partial to making.

Kate Upton takes a lot of shit for her figure, so it’s a bit of a surprise that Vogue would let her near its hallowed pages. Still, please note the stunningly passive aggressive copy up there, “best known for her bikini body, swimwear model Kate Upton may just seduce the high-fashion world yet” (italics ours, obviously). Could they have loaded any more special restrictions in there? We get it, Vogue, she has breasts.

On that note, as much as we appreciate Upton’s figure (and the possible changes it represents), we don’t think her and her bubbly disposition are a good match for high fashion. Which, thankfully, doesn’t affect her ability to model swimsuits.

(via American Vogue)