katie holmes liz jones

Liz Jones thinks Katie Holmes is looking too nice.

The Daily Mail Columnist declares:

Classic, isn’t it? Katie Holmes files for divorce and abandons her uniform of the past few years — awful mummy jeans, no make-up and ballet pumps — and slips into a pair of high heels, tossing her newly conker-shiny hair over her aerobicised, milky shoulder. When your marriage breaks up, you are supposed to look dreadful, to mourn. You need time when you are not putting yourself out there in order to reflect and learn…To hurry into heels is disrespectful, I think, to what you had together; to what you might have in the future.

Huh? Well, look, I believe I recognize that dress Katie Holmes is wearing. It is Prada, and it’s two years old. So, Katie probably didn’t rush out to buy it right now as a result of her marriage being in shambles. Also, her hair is in a pony tail. She is not strolling through the streets in bandage dress and a blow-out. I think she looks pretty appropriate. And, honestly, after break-ups my first reaction is usually to put on my favorite dresses so that I feel pretty, and as though I was not dumped because I am a hideous troll monster. Do you dress up after ending relationships? Do you agree that it’s disrespectful? I mean, Katie Holmes might just have needed to go someplace nice that night. It seems like we do not really lead lives that allow us to go into mourning for a pro-longed period, because we do not live in the Victorian age.
I think she looks great, okay? Team Katie!