katie price twitter snickers

For a minute there, something beautiful happened to Katie Price‘s twitter account.

Because in that minute, she started tweeting solutions to economic problems. Tweeting things like “Large scale quantitative easing in 2012 could distort liquidity of govt. bond market. #justsayin” and ” “Great news about China’s latest GDP figures!!”… ““Chinese leaders now likely to loosen monetary policy to stimulate growth. Yay!!”.

And she wasn’t wrong, according to Robert Peston, the Business Editor for the BBC. Meanwhile, Felix Salmon of Reuters just thought it was fabulous.

As for us? Needless to say, in that minute, she became our favorite glamour model ever, and we all wanted to marry her, or be her friend, or just sit around and learn from her.

And then it turned out that it was just a promotional ad by Snickers. Because their tagline is “you’re not you when you’re hungry.”

Hahahaha, pretty ladies, they do not understand the finances. Hah! That is not them!

In conclusion – I guess stay hungry and thoughtful? That seems about right.