Katy Perry is more political than you think. Sure, she sings mostly about romantic relationships and that thing sorority girls do at parties where they pretend to be lesbians for attention, but she also has a song that is mostly about gay rights, and her “Part Of Me” video is basically a three-minute-long propaganda video for the US Marines. Which means she is voting for…who, exactly?

Duh, Obama. She is voting for Obama. People talk about him like he’s some kind of pacifist, but don’t worry, he has killed plenty of people by continuing wars and signing off on secret executions and keeping Guantanomo detainees detained and ordering drone attacks in Pakistan. At least he likes gay people?

Ms. Perry sang at a rally for the POTUS last night, and never one to sleep on her nail art game, she had an appropriate manicure for the occasion:

Now all President Obama needs are endorsements from Ke$ha and Adam Levine and he’ll have the “shitty but earworm-y pop music lovers” demo on lockdown.

(Via Refinery29)

(Nail photo via @KatyPerry; SNL still via WENN)