daria katy perry

I know we’re often apt to say Katy Perry resembles a bit of a woman-child with her cupcake bras, but I can’t fail to respect her nail art, here:

katy perry daria nail

All the characters from the MTV Classic Daria were handpainted at ES Nails TOKYO.

But how did Katy Perry choose the characters?

I guess it’s completely unsurprising that Daria and Jane got the prominent thumb space, but I’m surprised that Katy Perry wasn’t more attached to the Fashion Club. Where is Stacy? Or Sandy? I mean, to be fair, Jodie was by far the most together and hardworking character on the show, so she did need a nail. And Trent was a very authentic representation of someone teens like Daria always have a crush on (he was a musician with spiky hair. Surely everyone has had a Trent in their life at some point). And Quinn! God, I can see Katy Perry relating to Quinn! Quinn was actually incredibly likeable insofar as she was very self-aware. And…

Oh, who are we kidding? Every single character on Daria deserves a nail. They all deserve all the nails. Go out and grow ten hands, Katy Perry. Make it some kind of trend for people to write think pieces about.

Pic via @katyperry