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So Katy Perry is dropping her third fragrance “Killer Queen” this fall, and today she released a “teaser” ad to get you all excited about it. And guess what? It totally worked on me.

Or rather, I at least didn’t hate it. While I’m pretty sure I exceeded my lifetime quota of celebrity perfume wearing back in May, this commercial is a refreshing change from the sensual nonsense-world that is most fragrance ads. It is self-consciously silly and over the top and for that I just I love it. Specifically:

1. Queen Katy goes from sucking it in to rejecting her queenly constrictions in twelve seconds flat. That is some impressive editing.

2. She cuts off her dress with a fucking dagger she just happens to have lying around and/or strapped to her person. This appeals to my adolescent sense of Girl Power.

3. Like The Cut, I’ve always wondered why queens put up with body mutilating corsets when they had the power to chop people’s heads off, etc. This commercial = the scene you wish had been in Elizabeth.

4. As if it’s not enough that she’s scandalizing high society by swanning about in a prom dress and winking at them, she then kicks the throne over and sits on its upturned side like, “No I shant follow your stupid chair rules. I will sit on this chair as I like. WATCH THE THRONE.”

5. Who doesn’t love a makeover montage?

Then again, maybe most perfume ads are just so dumb that the bar is set really, really low. That is entirely possible. Basically, I like this perfume ad because it does not pretend to be Art. Chew on that, Lady Gaga.

(Via The Cut)