Katy Perry split from her husband Russel Brand and it was only a matter of time before Brand started dating a model. He did, obviously: 25-year-old model (“and artist”!) Oriella Medellin and here’s her website.

Perry, however, totally one-upped him! She’s been photographed canoodling (worst word in the English language, I’d wager) with Karl Lagerfeld‘s daemon familiar: Baptiste Giabiconi. They apparently met at the Chanel runway show last week during PFW and hit it off. Now, sources close to the French male model are talking to websites and here is one of the more entertaining things you’ll read today:

The first thing that attracted BG to KP was her tattoo of Jesus,” one source reveals. “And because he is a strong believer in god, it was an instant attraction. It was not only who she was but her beliefs that made him so drawn to her.”

And according to mutual friends, the chemistry was evident from the first time they locked eyes on each other this week in Paris.“There was an instant spark and a connection,” reveals one source who saw the pair together.

“Baptiste is a big fan of Katy as she is his musical muse. Many of the songs on his upcoming album “Oxygen” are inspired by her or about her.”

A bouquet of flowers! That Giabiconi sounds like a real romantic. Hopefully he serenades her, too? Anyway, Lagerfeld has given his creepy, paternalistic seal of approval also: “I’m happy when Baptiste is happy.”

One more of the happy couple:

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