Here’s Katy Perry outside the Chateau Marmont Tuesday night, unwinding after the premiere of her new inexplicably 3-D film Part of Me. As you can see, Katy changed out of her Dolce & Gabbana red carpet look into this black and blue cocktail number. Anyway, at some point in the evening, paparazzi caught her leaning over… only to reveal tissue spilling out of the dress. See? Up there?

Our first response was, naturally, why the hell would Katy Perry stuff her bra/dress? By her own admission, she has “enormous boobs.” What purpose might this serve?

Then we saw another photo:

That’s a whole lot of tissue. So we think the answer is more obvious: she’s either fucking with the paparazzi and it’s an intentional gag (not out of character for her) or it’s hot in California and she’s sweating! HuffPo hypothesizes it has to do with the latter but since Katy Perry is never one to shy away from making herself look silly for the sake of a joke, we kind of hope it’s the former.

…However, we do not have “enormous boobs” and don’t really know if boobsweat is a hazard (makes sense, though). Any large-chested ladies out there want to educate us?

(Photos via Wenn)