Candace Corey, Makeup Artist, offers some tips on how to keep your makeup looking fresh from day to night.


Here are 5 more tips to keep your face and makeup looking great, even in the heat!

1. Use tinted moisturizers and concealer instead of a heavy cream or liquid foundation.

2. If you do use a liquid or cream foundation, wait 5 minutes so your skin can warm it up, and then blot your face with a tissue to get off any excess that might make skin feel heavy and sticky.

3. When you are using skin care products, opt for the lighter weight lotions and serums for the day, and save the creams for the evening.

4. Eye creams are great for your skin, but can warm up and melt down your face along with your eye makeup through out the day. So save the eye creams for the evening, and use liquid or gel moisturizers for the day.

5. After your cleanse and moisturize your skin, do something else before you apply your makeup, like brush your teeth. This gives your skin additional time to absorb the moisture, and for you to check to see if you added too much product to your skin. If you have, then you can blot it off before you add makeup.

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