Kelly Osbourne has an exciting new collaboration coming out with MAC Cosmetics, but for some reason she and the company have chosen to promote it with some images so heavily Photoshopped that Osbourne is nearly unrecognizable.

Photoshop is an excellent tool that can be used to do wonderful things like cover Kate Middleton in tattoos. It can also be used for evil, like generating makeup ads so obviously fake that we would never consider buying the advertised products.

Osbourne is releasing a makeup collab with MAC, and she recently posted a sneak peek at her collection on Instagram, noting that it would debut on June 14. But when we saw it we did a double-take, because without the purple hair and her name across the top, we would have been hard-pressed to name the celebrity in that picture.

For the sake of comparison, here is Kelly Osbourne at the American Music Awards:

2013 American Music Awards Kellly Osbourne

And here she is at the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race a week ago:


We like her slicked-over hair and choice of red carpet tuxedo for the Drag Race event, but in neither shot does she look much like her cosmetics ad. In the MAC campaign, her face is noticeably slimmer, her eyes bigger, her lips appear to be a different shape entirely, and her eyebrows seem to have gotten a bit of a lift. On top of that, she got the general “poreless porcelain doll” filter applied to seemingly every cosmetics ad ever.

We’ll never understand the purpose of this excessive Photoshop on cosmetics ads. Removing a model’s pores does not make us want to buy foundation. It just annoys us because we cannot tell how your foundation photographs if you have Photoshopped it all away along with the skin. This reminds us of the mascara ads that show eyelashes magically lengthening, which always confuses us because the growing lashes are clearly animated by computer. Ours will look nothing like that. A well-lit, un-Photoshopped picture showing us what the makeup in a collection actually looked like would make us much more inclined to make a purchase.