Kelly Osbourne hair

I have not necessarily always been a fan of Kelly Osbourne, she of the bizarre celebrity feuds and the $250K nail polish and the apologies for the $250K nail polish. But I have to admit one thing: I am very, very in love with her hair color. At first, I thought it was a silly phase that would simply stay as long as people were still doing the pale colored hair trend; I can admittedly be an awful snob about weird hair colors and it is definitely one of the only areas in fashion I wind up being a little pretentious about (I’m sorry! I know it is dumb).

Well, Osbourne’s hair is apparently here to stay for a long time, as E! has her under contract to keep it for her show Fashion Police. Lucky for Osbourne, she can still chop it into adorable trims. On her Instagram account, she revealed a lovely new ‘do with blunt bangs:

Kelly Osbourne bangs


Oh, Kelly Osbourne, you are 100 percent making me want to bleach my hair, dye it back to blue and chop it into such an adorable style. And get cat eye sunglasses, which I do not have. And look cool in cat eye sunglasses, which I cannot do.

What do you think of Osbourne’s new hair? And, in general, how are you feeling about purple-grey/blue/etcetera hair these days?

Photos: Getty Images and Kelly Osbourne’s Instagram.