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Leave it to Kelly Osbourne to find a way to make headlines with her hair two times in the same month!

Not only does it seem like she singlehandedly caused the new trend of brightly colored strands (Nicole Richie and Ireland Baldwin have followed in Kelly’s purple footsteps, and other celebs have teased about joining the Violet Club), but we adored the half-shaven style she debuted last week on Instagram. We didn’t expect a new cut for a long time, but it looks like she’s already found a new way to spice things up. The first photos of her new chaotic, standout style have just popped up online, and it’s shockingly interesting.

kelly osbourne's new hair

Not only is part of her hair still shaved closely to her head, but it looks like it’s purposefully uneven– which only serves to complement the longer bits, which sweep around the top to create fascinating dimension and frame her face in a crazy-hot way. It looks a little lighter, too, and the lavender might even be sexier than the warm purple. Add it all to her harsh black eyeliner and daring periwinkle lipstick, and Kelly is looking like an icy, sexed-up Disney character. A purple Tinkerbell? A new-age Elsa? Both?

Kelly Osbourne has never been known to be shy (to the point that she’s said a lot of stuff in the past that’s pissed people off, but maybe that’s just part of the job description when you’re on Fashion Police). We definitely appreciate her courageous hairstyles, and we can’t help but wonder what she has lined up for the next big cut.

Photos: Getty Images, @kellyosbourne on Instagram